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The Path From Beginner to Expert

When you’re familiar with basic guitar techniques, chords, and strumming patterns, it may be time to take your skills to the next level —

This can be accomplished by learning & mastering:

  • Song Dynamics & Volume
  • Hammers & “Hammer-Ons”
  • Advanced Anchor Finger Techniques
  • Fingerpicking & Plucking Patterns
  • Bar Chords
  • … and more concepts that add to “musical depth”

These concepts open an even broader range of worship songs for you, giving you the ability to add a professional layer of depth to your music.

Sam Choi Portrait Headshot

Hi, I’m Sam Choi —

I’m a pastor and worship leader, have played guitar for 20+ years, and have taught thousands of students to play & worship with the guitar, both in-person and online!

By incorporating fingerpicking & plucking, hammer techniques, and dynamics, everything you play will no longer sound “basic” —

… in fact, it’ll add that extra layer of detail, that extra “oomph” that can only be detected in more advanced guitarists.

Worship Guitar Expansion

Lesson: The Blessing

Learn The Blessing Worship Guitar
  • Play “The Blessing” from start to finish
  • Learn about dynamics, volume, and playing intensity
  • Learn hammers and “hammer-ons”
  • Anchor finger techniques

Lesson: Reckless Love

Learn Reckless Love Worship Guitar
  • Play “Reckless Love”
  • Learn strum patterns and variations
  • Continued learning on hammers
  • More advanced dynamics and volume insights

Lesson: Fingerpicking

Learn Fingerpicking Worship Guitar
  • Learn the basics of fingerpicking
  • Plucking patterns and variations
  • Notes on rhythm and keeping the beat
  • Even more practice with hammers and “hammer-ons”

Lesson: What a Beautiful Name

Learn What A Beautiful Name Worship Guitar
  • Play “What a Beautiful Name”
  • Fingerpicking in practice, plucking in a live-song setting
  • Hammers in practice, using hammer-ons within worship music
  • Plucking techniques in practice, including best practices

Lesson: Way Maker

Learn Waymaker Worship Guitar
  • Play “Way Maker”
  • New chord shapes and advanced guitar techniques
  • Bar chords and advanced chord techniques
  • Worship music flow, about worship in a live setting

Bonus: Library of 53+ Practice Songs

Worship Guitar Practice Library Songs
  • Build chord muscle memory
  • Practice “core” chord shapes for quicker switching
  • Practice with real worship songs
  • Choose from multiple difficulties based on your skill level

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