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Worship Guitar Online Reviews

Learn Guitar To Worship Rating

Each and every student below has gone through the Worship Guitar Online Flagship Guitar Lesson Program: Learn Guitar to Worship.

Learn Guitar To Worship Course

They were able to learn their favorite worship song by following our comprehensive worship tutorials and video lessons, and then proceed to some of our more advanced lesson programs like the Worship Guitar Expansion.

Worship Guitar Expansion Course

This is a Christian guitar lesson program that’ll teach you to play worship guitar faster and more efficiently than other worship guitar courses or guitar websites. Whether you play an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or classical guitar, these lessons are for you! Just like our students will explain in the reviews below, learning to worship online by following a proven lesson program taught by experienced worship & praise pastors is an excellent way to get started.

Built for both beginner and intermediate guitar players alike, this is essentially our own “worship guitar academy” or “worship guitar school” that you can complete from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Learn guitar chords, how to read a chord chart, follow along with any song tutorial or Christian worship song tutorial of your choice, and learn that popular worship song you’ve been wanting to play.

For worship leaders, worship team members, or anyone who wants to praise Jesus with music, Learn Guitar to Worship is an ideal place to start. In fact, if you’re a newer worship leader and want to pick up the guitar to lead praise & worship at your church, we’ve had several worship leaders go through the program with great results.

“Sam really simplifies things and explains well, and is full of energy. Makes this class a joy! I already played a little bit of guitar before starting this course, but I learned a lot of shortcuts and started strumming to videos, which really helps. I would definitely recommend this course to other guitarists!”


“Love this course and how simple and achievable Sam makes it for beginners, and I love his advice to pray when you’re struggling with a challenging part; that should be my first reaction, but usually, I just tend to get frustrated instead. So that reminder and encouragement are so appreciated! Thanks for creating this awesome course!”


“Sam is a great teacher. Right from the very beginning, I can tell that his motivation is really for people to learn guitar so they can worship Jesus. He’s also a gifted communicator. I feel like he’s talking to me in the same room when he’s teaching. He also teaches in a way that makes it easier for me to learn because of how he systematically organized the lessons. This is definitely one of the best investments I’ve made.”


“I definitely got my money’s worth. I knew some basic chords going into this course. Now I am leading worship songs in a small group. Thank you for bringing me to the next level.”


“I come from a classical guitar background – reading music, so when I applied this to worship music, I just read the chords and have never been able to play by ear or properly worship while playing because I’m so focused on reading the chords. Taking this course has opened a new world to me. I never saw the patterns of chords for each key before. Now that Sam has explained it, it seems so obvious. The chords that Sam uses sound so nice and are so easy to play together for each key. I just love what I have learnt! I have a new passion for worship guitar again. Thank you Sam.”


Awesome course! Learning guitar while praising the Lord you can’t get any better than that!…”


“This course is designed to be simple and easily understood for the average person, musically inclined or not. Sam does a wonderful job at effectively communicating and doesn’t miss the necessary details that someone who has been playing for years could forget to share with a beginner. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn guitar, even the person who has started before and quit. I believe that Sam will prove to you that with this course you can go further than you thought possible. This is just the beginning of setting ourselves up for a lifetime of learning.”


“Very Clear and love his passion and level of knowledge…God Bless you…”


“Exactly what I’m looking for and easy to understand. You’ve made a good product!”


“Sam Choi does a great job at making you feel comfortable from the beginning. I like that he teaches different finger practices to help develop your guitar playing ‘chops’. I used to take lessons in HS and was very excited to have the opportunity to start lessons up again without having to leave home. While I haven’t finished the 4 weeks of classes yet, I have taken some time to watch a few segments of videos as well as looking at some of the chord charts that he has shared. Sam’s passion for music and his passion for praising God are contagious and are very beneficial to his style of teaching. It is straightforward and to the point.”


“Sam is not only a great teacher that focuses on what will produce the most “bang for the buck” he’s also been great at encouraging me and being involved. It’s great to find an instructor that also keeps Jesus the focus of learning guitar for Worship. At the end of the day, the heart and intent behind the music is more important than the music itself. Great job, Sam! “


Great first course, want to get better on some of the chords before moving on. Overall time well spent for I keep going back to the courses, love the ability to practice and review over again.”


“I’ve tried learning guitar off and on several times over the past few years. Some of my teachers have overwhelmed me with the amount of information they threw at me in the beginning so I never stuck with it. Sam does a great job of giving you only the information you need at that moment and then builds on that in the following courses. This is a great way to be able to learn at your own speed. Sam is a great teacher with a fun sense of humor which makes the lessons enjoyable. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to learn how to play the guitar.”


“I wanted to touch in with the first few lessons so far, and add on as I go! I am really enjoying the simplicity and purpose behind this course. I will never get a v-neck though. What I like is when Sam is cutting to the chase, and giving straight-up advice on his own preferences, and then adding other solid options that he may or may not use. That is helpful to make our own choices, but to also know better how to start on things to look for, such as strings, details on the picks to use and why, tuners in particular, and even apps and other useful tools to assist in the course. I had to stop there to make sure I have everything I need and will move on soon. This is a very easy course for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Looking forward to the next review in the next phases of the course.”


“Easy to follow, practical lessons. I’m very happy with my decision to join!”


“This is a great course! I learned how to play a song in a short time!

It is very well explained!”


“So far I think it is exactly what I have been looking for. I’m really getting into the course material and seeing how it will help me grow. I can’t wait to keep going!”


Love this course and how simple and achievable Sam makes it for beginners. I love his advice to pray when you’re struggling with a challenging part; that should be my first reaction, but usually, I just tend to get frustrated instead.

So that reminder and encouragement are so appreciated! Thanks for creating this awesome course!”


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