Simple Online Worship Guitar Lessons

Now you can learn to play the guitar from a seasoned worship pastor!

Follow along with our simple video lessons and quickly pick up: chords, strumming patterns, technique, fingerpicking, how to play worship music, how to lead worship at your church, and much more!

Start Learning Today!

Sam Choi Teaching Worship Guitar

Learn Worship Guitar Online

Discover a whole new way to learn guitar! Use a new learning method called the “Pivot & Batch Guitar Method”, to play thousands of Christian Worship Songs in just 4-weeks time!

This is one of the fastest ways to learn worship guitar, taught by an experienced worship pastor.

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate player, you can start learning today!

Worship Guitar Lessons

Learn to play guitar through a series of worship guitar lessons suitable for beginners and intermediate players alike. We’ll show you the easiest worship songs you can play to start out with, how you can use just 3 simple chords to play thousands of songs, what pedals are best for playing in a worship band or on a worship team, what the best guitar is in a worship setting, and much more!

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Worship Song Discovery

Discover the top Christian worship songs out there today, and narrow down the thousands to the few songs that speak to you the most. We’ll walk through lists of worship songs, kids worship songs, upbeat worship songs, and touch on holidays and events like Easter and Christmas. We’ll help you discover that elusive worship song you’ve been searching for, or find the perfect song you can play next!

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Worship Music Guides

If you’re interested in instrumental worship music (no lyrics) or just want some peaceful worship songs to listen to while spending time with the Lord, this is the section for you. For everything peaceful, instrumental, and related to praise and worship, you can read more of the worship music section by clicking the link below.

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Worship Team Center

If you’re currently a part of a worship team at your local church (or plan to be), then this is the category for you. We’ll go over worship team training, devotions you can read and discuss among your fellow members, worship leader expectations, and typical worship team guidelines.

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