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Now you can experience a brand new, blazing-fast method for learning guitar right from the comfort of your own home.

The Pivot & Batch Guitar Method is unlike anything I’ve seen before…

You can pick any worship song or hymn at random and play it start to finish, repeating this over and over again with any song in just a matter of weeks!

And if you’ve been wondering, YES… anybody can do it.

Complete beginners who’ve never plucked a single string in their lives…

Or intermediate guitar players sharpening their skills…

Following the Pivot & Batch Method step-by-step guarantees you predictable results. 

All you have to do is carefully follow each step.

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Hi, my name is Sam Choi.

I’m a pastor and worship leader who has played guitar for almost 20 years.

Over the last decade, I’ve taught over 2,158+ global students to play & worship with the guitar, in-person & online!

I created the Pivot & Batch Method to help beginners rapidly learn, letting them praise & worship Jesus with music in weeks instead of months.

The Fastest Way to Learn Guitar Online for Praise & Worship

You may be wondering – what makes the Pivot & Batch Method so effective at allowing students to learn guitar quicker than any other online program?

The secret can be explained by digging deeper into the “Pivot.”

The concept behind the “Pivot” has to do with finger positioning on the fretboard and how “pivoting” just a few finger positions lets you play dozens of chords. By using fewer finger positions with the pivot technique, there are fewer movements your brain has to burn into its muscle memory.

And when your brain can remember more chord positions with fewer finger movements, the result is much faster learning.

You can think of the pivot technique as a way to optimize chords vs. finger positions.

You’ll be learning how to play the most chords with the fewest finger movements, allowing you to learn more chords and more songs rapidly. 

Why is it so essential to develop guitar chord muscle memory as fast as possible? We all know muscle memory is when our muscles can perform tasks without thinking, such as naturally moving our fingers into chord formations. We’ve also understood our muscles can slowly decay when we stop using them.

And did you know, according to a recent scientific study, you never really lose your muscle memory because the nuclei of your muscle cells don’t decay? 

Worship Guitar Muscle Memory

This is why the “Pivot” technique is such a big deal – it lets you quickly develop muscle memory, and the muscle memory sticks with you for life! 

Just think of all the worship songs you’ll be able to play once you learn guitar with the Pivot & Batch Method in just a few weeks!

Each Tiny Success Snowballs Into Musical Confidence

Without tiny accomplishments along the way, it’s far too easy to lose confidence and give up. Perhaps you’ve experienced this in the past when learning a new skill or musical instrument. 

The great thing is, the Pivot & Batch Method is designed to give you tiny spurts of confidence along the way, which build upon each other.

This “snowball effect” of conviction can be explained by understanding the “Batch” concept. 

Instead of randomly learning chords one by one, the Pivot & Batch Method takes a different approach. 

You’ll learn chords in a specific musical key first – this means every one of these chords can be strung together into a chord progression, and all of them can be used to play entire songs! 

You’ll also learn how to transpose (or slightly change the pitch) of each of these chords, letting you adapt them to nearly any song!

Guitar Capo Transposition

Instead of only playing melodies that use the same group of chords, you’ll be able to take each chord further and adapt them to anything. Keep doing this, and you’ll begin to see your confidence build.

This method is surprisingly versatile, letting you play thousands of worship songs quickly by learning specific “batches” of chords.

You’ll start by applying these chords to a popular worship song and then you’ll be able to apply them to multiple songs at once!

Learning chords that perfectly fit together is one of the Pivot & Batch method’s best-kept secrets and an essential part of learning worship guitar fast.

Built for Quick Active Learning

Learning by doing is always the fastest way to go.

This is why the Pivot & Batch Guitar Method is built for active learning.

You won’t be “talked at” while you listen to and absorb music theory.

That’s boring… and not very engaging. 

Instead, every lesson in the Pivot & Batch Method is intended to have you playing along on your guitar live – practicing and implementing each concept immediately while the information is fresh in your mind.

By staying active and learning as you go, you’ll learn much quicker than you ever imagined! 

A Foundation Laid Brick by Brick

For a clear & smooth learning experience, no lesson can get ahead of another.

This is built right into the Pivot & Batch Guitar Method. Every lesson teaches the foundational concepts, just like stacking bricks, before moving on to exercises that use those concepts.

Learn Guitar Brick By Brick

For example, in the very beginning, you’ll learn about guitar basics, followed by guitar maintenance and tuning, and then jump right into finger exercises to build strength.

If the finger exercise section is skipped, it makes the coming chord lessons much more difficult. 

This is the beautiful thing about the Pivot & Batch teaching process.

It recognizes when certain building blocks need extra attention. It also teaches you those building blocks before moving on to anything advanced.

As you can imagine, learning the appropriate finger exercises and developing finger strength early on before playing a single chord lets you breeze through the chord lessons. 

Any other guitar player would be struggling with their first chords while you fly ahead confidently with your strengthened fingers!

Here Are Your Next Steps…

It boils down to this –

If you’re comfortable with your current guitar abilities, I wouldn’t tell you to change a single thing. 

In fact, what I’m about to present may not be right for you if:

  • You aren’t willing to practice guitar for a minimum of 15-30 minutes per day
  • You want quick results without putting in any work
  • You’re looking for a “magic bullet” to learning guitar (spoiler: it doesn’t exist!)

But if you’re willing to put in the time & effort and want to play thousands of Christian worship songs and hymns on your guitar in as little as the next 4-weeks… here’s what I’ve prepared for you…

I’ve put the entire Pivot & Batch Guitar Method into a set of online videos you can have access to right now (instantly!)…


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Learn Guitar To Worship

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  • Learn 4 songs to unlock thousands! Sam’s unique teaching method lets you take a few chords and use them to play any worship song.
  • View 5 detailed strumming & technique breakdowns of popular worship songs
  • Access 4 “Practice With the Pros” sessions, where you’ll test your knowledge by playing alongside professional worship artists.
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Guitar Pivot Technique

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