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Now you can experience a brand new, blazing-fast method for learning guitar right from the comfort of your own home.

The Pivot & Batch Guitar Method is unlike anything I’ve seen before…

You can pick any worship song or hymn at random and play it start to finish, repeating this over and over again with any song in just a matter of weeks!

And if you’ve been wondering, YES… anybody can do it.

Complete beginners who’ve never plucked a single string in their lives…

Or intermediate guitar players sharpening their skills…

Following the Pivot & Batch Method step-by-step guarantees you predictable results. 

All you have to do is carefully follow each step.

Sam Choi Portrait Headshot

Hi, my name is Sam Choi.

I’m a pastor and worship leader who has played guitar for almost 20 years.

Over the last decade, I’ve taught over 2,158+ global students to play & worship with the guitar, in-person & online!

I created the Pivot & Batch Method to help beginners rapidly learn, letting them praise & worship Jesus with music in weeks instead of months.

The Fastest Way to Learn Guitar Online for Praise & Worship

You may be wondering – what makes the Pivot & Batch Method so effective at allowing students to learn guitar quicker than any other online program?

The secret can be explained by digging deeper into the “Pivot.”

The concept behind the “Pivot” has to do with finger positioning on the fretboard and how “pivoting” just a few finger positions lets you play dozens of chords. By using fewer finger positions with the pivot technique, there are fewer movements your brain has to burn into its muscle memory.

Sam Choi Teaching Worship Guitar

And when your brain can remember more chord positions with fewer finger movements, the result is much faster learning.

You can think of the pivot technique as a way to optimize chords vs. finger positions.

You’ll be learning how to play the most chords with the fewest finger movements, allowing you to learn more chords and more songs rapidly. 

Why is it so essential to develop guitar chord muscle memory as fast as possible? We all know muscle memory is when our muscles can perform tasks without thinking, such as naturally moving our fingers into chord formations. We’ve also understood our muscles can slowly decay when we stop using them.

And did you know, according to a recent scientific study, you never really lose your muscle memory because the nuclei of your muscle cells don’t decay? 

Worship Guitar Muscle Memory

This is why the “Pivot” technique is such a big deal – it lets you quickly develop muscle memory, and the muscle memory sticks with you for life! 

Just think of all the worship songs you’ll be able to play once you learn guitar with the Pivot & Batch Method in just a few weeks!

Promotes Musical Confidence

Without tiny accomplishments along the way, it’s far too easy to lose confidence and give up. Perhaps you’ve experienced this in the past when learning a new skill or musical instrument. 

The great thing is, the Pivot & Batch Method is designed to give you tiny spurts of confidence along the way, which build upon each other.

This “snowball effect” of conviction can be explained by understanding the “Batch” concept. 

Instead of randomly learning chords one by one, the Pivot & Batch Method takes a different approach. 

You’ll learn chords in a specific musical key first – this means every one of these chords can be strung together into a chord progression, and all of them can be used to play entire songs! 

You’ll also learn how to transpose (or slightly change the pitch) of each of these chords, letting you adapt them to nearly any song!

Guitar Capo Transposition

Instead of only playing melodies that use the same group of chords, you’ll be able to take each chord further and adapt them to anything. Keep doing this, and you’ll begin to see your confidence build.

This method is surprisingly versatile, letting you play thousands of worship songs quickly by learning specific “batches” of chords.

You’ll start by applying these chords to a popular worship song and then you’ll be able to apply them to multiple songs at once!

Learning chords that perfectly fit together is one of the Pivot & Batch method’s best-kept secrets and an essential part of learning worship guitar fast.


Built for Quick Active Learning

Learning by doing is always the fastest way to go.

This is why the Pivot & Batch Guitar Method is built for active learning.

You won’t be “talked at” while you listen to and absorb music theory.

That’s boring… and not very engaging. 

Instead, every lesson in the Pivot & Batch Method is intended to have you playing along on your guitar live – practicing and implementing each concept immediately while the information is fresh in your mind.

By staying active and learning as you go, you’ll learn much quicker than you ever imagined! 

Develops a Solid Guitar Foundation

For a clear & smooth learning experience, no lesson can get ahead of another.

This is built right into the Pivot & Batch Guitar Method. Every lesson teaches the foundational concepts, just like stacking bricks, before moving on to exercises that use those concepts.

Learn Guitar Brick By Brick

For example, in the very beginning, you’ll learn about guitar basics, followed by guitar maintenance and tuning, and then jump right into finger exercises to build strength.

If the finger exercise section is skipped, it makes the coming chord lessons much more difficult. 

This is the beautiful thing about the Pivot & Batch teaching process.

It recognizes when certain building blocks need extra attention. It also teaches you those building blocks before moving on to anything advanced.

As you can imagine, learning the appropriate finger exercises and developing finger strength early on before playing a single chord lets you breeze through the chord lessons. 

Any other guitar player would be struggling with their first chords while you fly ahead confidently with your strengthened fingers!

Here Are Your Next Steps…

It boils down to this –

If you’re comfortable with your current guitar abilities, I wouldn’t tell you to change a single thing. 

In fact, what I’m about to present may not be right for you if:

  • You aren’t willing to practice guitar for a minimum of 15-30 minutes per day
  • You’re looking for a “magic bullet” to learning guitar (it doesn’t exist)

But if you’re willing to put in the time & effort, it’s possible for you to play thousands of Christian worship songs and hymns on your guitar in as little as the next 4-weeks!

So here’s what’s been prepared for you —

I’ve put the entire Pivot & Batch Guitar Method into a set of online videos you can have access to right now (instantly!)…


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Learn Guitar To Worship

Grow your musical talents, praise Jesus with music, and play thousands of worship songs in just 4-weeks!

Guitar Pivot Technique

Master the Pivot & Batch Method Step-by-Step!

Here’s what you get with Learn Guitar to Worship:

  • Immediate access to 46+ video lessons and hours of guitar training, 100% online, available 24/7, for life (no recurring payments, no expiration). Learn the Pivot & Batch Method step-by-step, and start playing worship songs on your guitar in just weeks!
  • Discover 17+ “key” guitar chords you’ll be able to apply to any song using the “batch” method.
  • Learn 4 songs to unlock thousands! Sam’s unique teaching method lets you take a few chords and use them to play any worship song.
  • View 5 detailed strumming & technique breakdowns of popular worship songs
  • Access 4 “Practice With the Pros” sessions, where you’ll test your knowledge by playing alongside professional worship artists.
  • … and much more!

Inside the Lesson Program

Click the arrows below to expand and learn more about each section.

Module 1: Guitar Crash Course

The “Crash Course” to Guitar includes a number of lessons covering everything from choosing a guitar, required materials, parts of the guitar, how to change your strings, how to tune, finger exercises for strength and agility, and how to make your first chord.

You’ll also learn how to strum, hold a strumming pattern, and keep rhythm, as well as dive into an introduction to capos and transposition.

Module 1 Stacked - Worship Guitar Lessons

Module 2: The G Chord Family

Learn multiple chords in the G family, how to read chord charts, and dive into your first “Practice with the Pros” session.

Afterward, you’ll begin learning your first song: 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman.

Module 2 Stacked - Worship Guitar Lessons

Module 3: C Chords From Start to Finish

In this module of lessons, you’ll learn chords in the C chord family and start learning “How He Loves” from David Crowder.

Sam has a special lesson digging deep into David Crowder’s strumming patterns, and what we can take away and apply.

Module 3 Stacked - Worship Guitar Lessons

Module 4: The D Chord Family

When you get to the D chord family, Sam begins teaching increasingly complex chords and walking through the song “Oceans” from Hillsong United.

You’ll play along with Sam as he walks through the song from beginning to end and learn some more advanced strumming techniques.

Module 4 Stacked - Worship Guitar Lessons

Module 5: Mastering E Chords

At this point, you’re nearly finished! Sam will teach you 6 different chords in the E chord family, and jump right into “Hosanna” written by Brooke Fraser.

You’ll learn how to emulate Brooke’s strumming patterns in Hosanna, and master the song before moving on.

Module 5 Stacked - Worship Guitar Lessons

Module 6: Where Do You Go From Here?

By this point, you should be able to play nearly any worship song you set your mind to. You know the chords, you know the strumming patterns, and you have enough practice to play the majority of worship songs out there.

Sam will walk you through next steps, and provide guidance on the best way to advance your guitar skills even further.

Module 6 Stacked - Worship Guitar Lessons

Hear from our current, happy students around the globe!

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Exploring the Learning Area

Inside The Lesson Area - Worship Guitar Lessons

As soon as you log in, you’ll be presented with an easy-to-navigate lesson area.

  1. Quick Lesson Navigation — Easily jump to previous or future lessons.
  2. Lesson Resources — Download relevant resources for each lesson. This could be important outside sources, chord charts, references, and additional material.
  3. Primary Video Playback — The main video player where you’ll watch each lesson. For quick speed and to eliminate any slow loading times, we’re using the fastest video hosting available.
  4. Progress Tracker — To track your progress as you continue through the lessons, click through on the “Continue” button.

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Learn Guitar To Worship Rating

Sam is a great teacher. Right from the very beginning, I can tell that his motivation is really for people to learn guitar so they can worship Jesus. He’s also a gifted communicator.

I feel like he’s talking to me in the same room when he’s teaching. He also teaches in a way that makes it easier for me to learn because of how he systematically organized the lessons.

This is definitely one of the best investments I’ve made!

Robert Img - Worship Guitar Lessons


Worship Guitar Online Alumni

I knew some basic chords going into this course. Now I am leading worship songs in a small group.

Thank you for bringing me to the next level!

Mattias Img - Worship Guitar Lessons


Worship Guitar Online Alumni

Taking this course has opened a new world to me. I never saw the patterns of chords for each key before. Now that Sam has explained it, it seems so obvious.

The chords that Sam uses sound so nice and are so easy to play together for each key. I just love what I have learned! I have a new passion for worship guitar again.

Thank you, Sam!

Tiffany Img - Worship Guitar Lessons


Worship Guitar Online Alumni

This deal is only available until we raise the price significantly in the next few months, so act quickly!

Sam Choi

Why Join Our Worship Guitar Lessons?

If you’ve scrolled all the way down here looking for answers, I’ll give you a short summary of what makes our guitar lesson program stand out above the rest — what you do from there is up to you, although I sincerely hope you’ll consider joining!

First off, our modern worship guitar lessons teach you to play worship guitar from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. We have an online lesson platform we’ll give you access to, and upon logging in, you’ll instantly be able to view all of your lessons and track your progress.

An Experienced Instructor

These are Christian guitar lessons taught by an experienced worship pastor (20+ years of experience with the guitar), and work for anyone playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and even classical guitar!

Worship music is incredibly rewarding to learn, as you’ll be able to worship & praise Jesus with music whenever you’d like. It may take some time to learn guitar, but this is a valuable skill you can take with you and use for life.

If you’re new to guitar, the beginning lessons provide a nice refresher of the instrument, and then walk you through chord shapes, reading a chord chart, learning barre chords, following along with a guitar solo in the “practice with the pro’s” session, and eventually being able to play your favorite song along with a plethora of additional Christian songs.

Practice With the Pros

You’ll practice along with Christian guitarists and artists, such as Matt Redman and Brooke Fraser (known for the song “Oceans”).

Become a musician along with us and learn to play Christian music as your next musical skill — we guarantee you it’ll be well worth it.

Play Guitar On Your Worship Team

And if you’re on a worship team or taking a part in any worship team training, this is an excellent way to complement that training and learn Christian worship songs on the guitar that you’ll eventually play in church or with your worship team.

All in all, whether you’re a beginner or intermediate guitar player — acoustic guitar player or electric guitar player — there’s a path to “expert guitar playing” that you can learn by following along with our lesson program.

Join Our Lessons Today!

Click the button below to be taken to our shopping cart, click the “Add to Cart” button, and you’ll be able to get access to the lessons in minutes.

We’ll see you on the inside!


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A Whole New Way to Learn Guitar! Use the Pivot & Batch Guitar Method to Play Thousands of Christian Worship Songs in Just 4-Weeks.

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